Saliva of cats – Pure (Taahir) 0r Impure (Najis)?

Saliva of cats – Pure (Taahir) 0r Impure (Najis)?

Narrated Abu Qatada R.A: Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said about the cat: “It is not impure, but it is of those who intermingle with you.” [Reported by Al-Arab’a. At-Tirmidhi and Ibn khuzaima graded it Sahih (authentic)]

Reason for this Hadith:

Abu Qatada entered and Kabasha the daughter of Ka’ab bin Malik poured for him water for wudu (Ablution). A cat then came and drank from it. So Abu Qatada bent the container of water until the cat drank. Kabsha then said: “He (Abu Qatada) saw me looking at him” and said “are you amaze oh niece of mine? She then said: Yes. Then He Said: Indeed the Prophet (s) said:… and narrated the aforemention Hadith

From this Hadith a few benefits could be derived:

Firstly that cats are not najis (impure). Meaning anything it touches or licks does not become contaminated with najaasah (impurities). This is due to it (a cat) being of the Attawafien  (those who frequent the house and carries out the service of the master or employer) and lives and walks in the houses of people between the utensils and food which makes it virtually impossible to be safeguarded from it (a cat)

Secondly this Hadith refers to the principle “hardship brings about easiness”. Because of the fact that cats live with people in their homes which makes it again virtually impossible to safeguard the food and utensils from them, therefore whatever it touches remain taahir (pure).

Thirdly that cats are taahir (pure) even though its haraam (impermissible) to eat. This is due to the principle “All animals which are haraam to eat are najis” except that the Prophet (SAW) excluded the cat from being impure.

Fourthly that cats are not najis in its sweat, saliva and whatever it expels from its mouth or it’s left over food after it ate or drank. As for its urine, stools, blood and everything that comes from inside is all najis.

Fifthly that water does not become contaminated by najis if a cat drinks from it, be it a large amount of water or small amount, because the container Abu Qatada used to perform wudu was a small amount of water.

Sixthly that a mouse is pure due to it falling in the Hadith of “but it is of those who intermingle with you.”



  1. Very Insightful and very easy to follow for people of all ages (The reasons being numbered makes it easy)

    It is also enlightening for all individuals who may not have known how pure cats are and who, as a result would perhaps perform ablusion all the time due to this thinking or even mistreat these animals thinking they are “impure”

    “Verily, there is heavenly reward for every act of kindness done to a living animal” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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