Ruling of a fly falling in one’s drink or beverage

Ruling of a fly falling in one’s drink or beverage

Narrated Abu Huraira (RA): Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “If a fly falls in the drink (beverage) of one of you, he should fully immerse it and then remove it because there is a disease (poison) in one of its wings and cure in the other.” [Reported by Al-Bukhari and Abu Dawud who added:  “It (the fly) protects itself with the diseased wing.”]

Benefits to be derived from this hadith:

A fly is considered clean dead or alive and it does not contaminate (i.e. make najis or impure) anything that it falls into. With the condition that one dips the entire fly into whatever it falls and then removes it due to the fly containing a disease in one of its wings and a cure in the other.

Point to note:  If a fly falls into food that is dry, it should not be dipped or immersed due to understanding of the Hadith. If it had to be dipped or immersed it will damage the food and make things worse causing the person to dislike the food. But one should rather remove the fly and whatever is close around it.

Here’s a question: If a fly is clean dead or alive, can the same ruling be given to other insects?

The scholars (may Allah have mercy on them) said: Yes. All animals that don’t have flowing blood are clean both dead and alive even if it is Haraam to eat like beetles or scorpions. Therefore if a beetle or a scorpion falls into water and die, it (the water) is considered clean and not impure (najis) even if the water’s colour changed. This is because it has no flowing blood and the changed never happened due to anything impure.

The Hadith also tells us that in one of the wings of the fly is a disease (poison) and the other a cure. When it falls into something that might harm it, it protects itself against the fall with the diseased wing. Therefore in ordered to neutralise this poison with the cure, the entire fly must be immersed into the beverage cancelling out the poison. Subahaan Allah (Glory be to Allah). Who would have thought fourteen hundred years ago that in one of the wings of a fly is a disease and the other a cure? This is truly divine inspiration sent to our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) from Allah the most high which modern science only recently discovered.

Another question that comes to mind:  If you immersed and dipped the fly and removed it, is it safe to drink the beverage or should one leave it?

There’s no harm in drinking it as it is safe from the disease and you are certainly not compelled to drink it if you dislike the fact that a fly fell in it. This is because the Prophet (SAW) disliked things which are permissible to eat and never ate from it. Example being the lizard, the Prophet (SAW) never ate it even though it was permissible to eat and said” Verily it (the lizard) is not found in the land of my people, therefore I feel that I have no liking for it.”(Bukhari)

Compiled By: Sh. Khalid Abduroaf (LLB Shariah Law – Islamic University of Madinah)


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